Common Goal Platform

Award winning football for good movement co-founded by World Cup winning Spanish international, Juan Mata.

professional footballers pledged

The Challenge

Common Goal launched in August 2018 with one simple idea - to unite the football industry in pledging 1% of revenue to football for good organisations across the globe that work towards tackling several of the UN Social Development Goals, such as gender inequality, education and employability.

Started by Manchester United’s Juan Mata, who was the first player to pledge 1% of his salary to Common Goal, the movement quickly grew to over 20 professional footballers taking the pledge. As a result, Common Goal needed to update its digital infrastructure to allow them to manage this growth; however, they required any solution to integrate into their current CMS/Lead management software, Podio.

The Solution

We successfully integrated with Podio that allowed users accounts to be created and managed through the system, improving the efficiency of the member on-boarding process for Common Goal.

The Result

The release of the updated Common Goal site was an important and successful step forward for the movement as it improved member onboarding and allowed other non-players (such as coaches, managers and fans) to take the pledge. As a result, Common Goal has gone to over 100 members and thousands of supporters, with further growth expected as the impact of the work they are doing becomes more and more recognised.

Technologies Used

Microsoft .net Framework
Microsoft .net MVC
Microsoft SQL Server
Telerik UI for ASP.net MVC
Google Analytics