The European football market has a current estimated worth of £21.9 billion. The average weekly wage for a premier league footballer has risen to above £50,000 , and annual earnings reach as high as £64 million for top end players such as Lionel Messi. The sport reaches 3 billion fans from all different backgrounds making it the largest sporting community in the planet. Common Goal seeks to unite this community and the wealth of the industry for the greater good.

Common Goal is a pledge-based charity targeting the football industry to support charities around the world. Members of Common Goal pledge 1% of their annual salary which is put into a central fund and then allocated to different high-impact charity organisations; specifically, those that align with current UN goals. Members do have an option to choose where their money goes, rather than contributing to the central fund, by opting to pledge to one of the 127 organisations currently on board. The members of Common goal range from players to managers, clubs, businesses and even fans!

The charity was created by the ‘Street Football World’ organisation in August 2017 and was first announced and supported by high profile Spanish footballer and Man U midfielder, Juan Mata. Since then Common Goal has been growing rapidly, raising its profile by signing bigger names. Most recently they got one of their biggest signings to date, Manchester United legend, self-proclaimed commissioner of football, Eric Cantona. This is a big step for Common Goal as these high-profile signings spread the word of the charity, increasing membership and increasing the support of charities worldwide.

If you want to know more about Common Goal you can check out their website, which we at ACS developed. The website provides players, managers businesses and supporters with a way for them to become part of the Common Goal movement through an easy to follow four step process. The website and user portal have been integrated with Podio, which Common Goal uses for it’s back office processes, to drive content on the website and securely hold user account information.

The aim of the website is spread the word whilst also trying to get as many people on board as possible. There you can see the aims of the charity as well as inspiring stories about their progress and how the money raised has been put to good use. You can also check up on current members and see who is getting involved. Has your favourite player signed up yet?

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