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My Mosque

My Mosque
My Mosque approached ACS with a vision of bringing innovation and technology to the global Muslim community. My Mosque knew instantly that ACS would make this vision a reality...
Qibla Directions

The Challenge

The Islamic community practice Salah, one of the most important pillars of Islam. Salah is the practice of formal worship, meaning that Muslims must pray at set times throughout the day. These prayer times are mainly determined by the position of the Sun in the sky. As a result this means that followers only a few miles from each other may have to pray at different times. ACS had to develop a mobile solution whereby worshippers of different Mosques would receive notifications to their phones at the right time to aid them in praying on time throughout the day. Not only this, but it had to be possible for users to subscribe to alternative Mosques when in different vicinities to ensure that they could pray at the right time when travelling. On top of this ACS were tasked with making it possible for users of the App to be able communicate digitally with their Mosque.
Find Mosques Nearby

The Solution

ACS developed the mobile apps for use on iOS and Android platforms. Using GPS technology the App is able to locate the nearest Mosque to the user, enabling them to receive accurate prayer time notifications. Each Mosque is able to control their own prayer time listing using an easy to use web based dashboard ensuring the accuracy of the notifications being pushed to its worshippers. Using this same dashboard the Mosque can communicate directly with the community subscribed to the Mosque. Each message they send alerts subscribed users of the App, ensuring that they don’t miss any important information.
Mosque Prayer Times

The Result

The My Mosque App is gaining traction within the Muslim Community, especially as more and more Mosques are registering for the service. It won’t be long until every Mosque in the UK is listed and later, the rest of the world…

What My Mosque Have to Say about ACS

“ACS truly understood how we not only wanted to make prayer time easier for the Muslim community, but how to also facilitate interaction between the Mosques and their worshippers. Their development team is without a shadow of a doubt second to no one”
Amjad Ali (Owner)
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