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Mobile Inventory – miProgram

When Mobile Inventory was looking for someone to design and develop what was to become the number one Property Inventory System within the UK, who did they ask? ACS.
miProgram - Enter Property Information

The Challenge

Letting Agents and Inventory Clerks had a time consuming task of producing Inventories for properties that were to be let out. Historically, an Inventory would take many hours to produce. An Inventory clerk would have to use a dicta phone to record details of a properties condition and take photos using a digital camera. This information would then be collated in the office, typed up and made fit for signing by the new tenant. Not only had this, but the process of carrying out check-ins, mid-terms and check-outs had to be carried out in the same way.

ACS was tasked with the design and development of a system to streamline these processes.
miProgram - Enter Detailed Property Inventory Information Rapidly

The Solution

Our solution required two core elements to make it a success. The first of these required the development of a mobile app for the iPhone. The mobile app was designed to make it extremely quick to record information about a property (both in textual and photographic format) and it also had to work without the need for any internet connection due to some of the remote locations properties reside in.

The second key component was a web based system. The mobile app would synchronise the data captured with the web based system, which would in turn generate inventory reports, as well as check-in, check-out and mid-term inspection reports. The system would keep a history of the property and aid with the management of the Property Inventory life cycle.
miProgram - Enter Furnishing Details Quickly

The Result

The fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to created detailed Property Inventory reports utilising the power of iPhone and iPad technology was produced. Documents that would have previously taken hours to type and complete can now be constructed in minutes, meaning Landlords and Letting Agents can see an immediate return on their investment in miProgram.

The number of clients using miProgram has gone so rapidly that is has now become the number one software within its market place within the UK.
miProgram - Produces High Quality Property Inventory Reports

What Mobile Inventory Has to Say about ACS

“We wouldn’t have a business without the technical expertise of ACS. They took our idea and turned it into a reality. Our thanks go out to them.”
Stuart Mccormick (Owner)
“ACS is a credit to the software industry. ACS has created a system that saves our clients masses of time and effort. Our customers genuinely love miProgram.”
William Forbes (Owner)