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EA had bought Chillingo and they needed someone to integrate Chillingo’s Social Gaming Framework (Crystal SDK) with their own Gaming platform Origin. After having such a great track record of working with Chillingo ACS was selected for the task.
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The Challenge

Crystal held a very comprehensive database of users. In order for Crystal to work with Origin, the transition had to be seamless to existing users of Crystal. Logins had to remain intact and the user experience had to be just as great as that found in Crystal.
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The Solution

Some of our most highly trained System Architects were put on site to help with the system integration. A great deal of planning had to be put into play in order to make the transition a success. Use case scenarios were put into play and upon completion of the code the integration went through extensive Unit and System Testing.
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The Result

The integration code went live without any glitches. The user experience was so well thought out and designed that user’s continued to use the Social Gaming Framework without any issues.