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Chillingo - Crystal SDK

When Chillingo wanted to produce one of the world’s largest social gaming frameworks for the iPhone they turned to us to help turn this dream into a reality.
Angry Birds - Leaderboards

The Challenge

Chillingo required ACS to help design and develop the server side component of the social gaming framework, Crystal. The framework had to be designed and developed in such a way to allow it to scale to 10’s of millions of users globally. The framework had to allow for mobile game developers to be able to easily integrate into their games, leader boards, achievements and challenges as well as providing them with cross promotion to other gamers.
Cut The Rope - Achievements

The Solution

The solution was built on top of a cloud based infrastructure to allow the platform to easily scale as the number of users increased. Spikes in usage had to be accounted for as no one could easily predict how successful a game using Crystal could be. We put a team of our own expert server side developers on site at Chillingo, who worked closely with their own mobile app developers, UI experts, graphic designers and producers.
Angry Birds App Cut The Rope App

The Result

The Crystal SDK was a huge success and has been integrated into a wide range of both iPhone and iPad games with over 60 million end users worldwide. Game developers such as Rovio and ZeptoLab integrated the platform into their games. Rovio integrated Crystal into the number one selling App on the iPhone, Angry Birds, while ZeptoLab integrated into another highly successful title, Cut the Rope.