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AppFund UK - Photo Slide Stream

Photo Side Stream
AppFund UK needed a highly experienced mobile app development partner to help them produce a slick iPad app. They discovered ACS and within no time at all the partnership was formed.
Photo Slide Stream - iPad Slideshow

The Challenge

Appfund UK had the desire to turn the iPad into a digital photo frame. The app needed to be capable of streaming photos from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, while also having the ability to stream photos direct from the iPads photo library. As photos would have to be downloaded while the slideshow was playing it was important to consider how these would be retrieved efficiently enough to ensure that slide show flowed without delays or missing photos.
Photo Slide Stream - Digial Photo Library

The Solution

The iPad app was built with a number of clever techniques. Photos were pulled in batches to ensure downloading was as fast as possible. As they were retrieved they were also cached locally on the device so that they didn’t have to download again upon cycling through the slide show on repeat runs. While the cache was great at helping to speed up the slide show, we also had to consider the amount of memory available on the device. With this in mind, we built in additional functionality that dynamically unloaded photos from the cache, freeing up memory, after photos hadn’t been accessed again for a set period of time.
Photo Slide Stream - Digial Photo Frame

The Result

The iPad app ran rapidly and became the fastest, most efficient way to use the device as a digital photo frame. It not only allowed users to view their own photos within the slide show, but also provided them with the ability to stream their friends’ photos as well.