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Why Should an Ecommerce Store Invest in Mobile App Development?

Why Should an Ecommerce Store Invest in Mobile App Development?

Technology in the retail world is always evolving and more and more companies are beginning to look to the mobile world to enhance their online stores in order to help increase sales and engage more with their shoppers. Mobile commerce is a rapidly growing retail segment and it has been estimated that mobile commerce will increase from around $2 billion in sales in 2013 to a massive $62 billion within the next five years. Mobile Apps are going to play a huge part in this rapid growth.

How Many Consumers are Using Mobile Retail Apps?

Flurry, a mobile app analytics firm, identified that both Android and iOS users spent a massive 525% more time on retail based apps in December 2012, as those in December 2011. This is a clear indication that shoppers are choosing to opt more and more for mobile stores in favour of the traditional ecommerce store. It is also worth pointing out that the usage of apps grew by around 132% in the same period. This essentially means that the use of retail mobile apps grew at about 4 times the average.

Which Online Retailers are Using Mobile Apps to Increase Sales?

Amazon was extremely quick to move into the mobile space and ensured that their mobile app is available on a variety of platforms, iPhone, Android, iPad and Windows. Not only do they provide an app, but they also provide a mobile web app for the platforms they do not natively support. Their mobile app solution is readily available in countries such as the UK and the United States. The app allows users to easily buy products using their patented one click ordering process. A large proportion of shoppers have now been using this app to purchase products, even when they are in their homes. Had Amazon not had this mobile app, consumers may have chosen to use other mobile alternatives and as a result, lost a large amount of revenue.

How are Retailers Using Mobile Apps?

Most retailers are using mobile apps to mirror their online product list in a mobile format, such as Amazon. Some other retailers are, however, thinking outside of the box and creating much more unique and compelling experiences for their audiences. The CVS iPad app for CVS pharmacy provides online shoppers with a highly detailed, virtual 3D mobile commerce experience. Customers can use the app to browse a digital version of a physical store. The aim of the app was to provide it’s users with a virtual feeling of visiting their local pharmacy from within their home or when they are mobile. 

CVS Pharamacy Mobile App

Mobile is helping to reshape the way consumers shop and before long it will be the platform of choice for online commerce. Retailers that don’t have mobile apps need to realise that sooner or later they will be left behind by their competition. It is only a matter of time before all major online retailers have mobile apps.