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How Can Mobile App Development Streamline Business Processes?

How Can Mobile App Development Streamline Business Processes?

Organisations across the globe are beginning to integrate mobile app technology into their everyday business processes. Businesses of all sizes, whether they are small or large corporates can see the key benefits apps can bring to their operations. Mobile apps are being used to help speed up time consuming tasks and ultimately save money.

miProgram is an iPhone app Advanced Company Software (ACS) developed that integrates with a web portal also developed by ACS. The app is used by Letting Agents and Inventory Clerks to aid in the creation of inventories for properties that are to be let out. 

Historically, an Inventory would take many hours to produce. Inventory clerks would have had to have used a dicta phone to record details of a property's condition and take photos using a digital camera. The information they would have captured in this manner would have to have been collated in the office, typed up and then made fit for signing by the new tenant. On top of this labour intensive task, the process of carrying out check-ins, mid-terms and check-outs would also have been done in this way.

The miProgram app has streamlined these processes phenomenally, reducing the time to carry out an Inventory in some cases by up to 70%. The miProgram app has achieved this through the following process:

The Inventory Clerk will first use the app to capture information about the property. The app can be used to capture high quality photos of the property as well as textual information. Siri can be utilised to quickly capture detailed descriptions while common data items, such as room names and colours can be selected quickly to reduce time further. All of this can be done without the need for an Internet connection. This means that the app will still function in the most remote of locations.

miProgram App - Proeprty Inventory Data Capture

Once the information on the app has been captured, the Inventory Clerk will synchronise the data with the web portal. This synchronisation often happens in a matter of seconds and is extremely simple for the Clerk to do. The web portal will then automatically take this information, process it and produce from it a highly detailed fit for signing Inventory Report in PDF format.

Landlords and Letting Agents can see an immediate return on their investment in miProgram and as a result it has grown to be the number one software choice for carrying out property inventories within the UK.

miProgram is not the only app that helps streamline businesses processes and the Property Lettings Industry is not the only business sector that can benefit from the use of mobile apps. Our advice is that businesses take a look at their existing processes and then start to consider ways in which mobile technology could save them time and perhaps more importantly, money.