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AirCast Mobile Wants To Make Phone-To-TV Video Sharing As Easy As Texting

AirCast Mobile Wants To Make Phone-To-TV Video Sharing As Easy As Texting

Chances are you’ve got a screen in your pocket and a screen in your living room, and as time goes on more and more companies are trying to find ways to make the two play nice together. The latest entrant in the field is a Chicago-based startup called AirCast Mobile is taking a stab at bringing the phone-television content gap with an app called AirCast Live that lets users remotely send their videos to televisions for viewing.

“But wait,” I can hear you mentally murmuring. “Can’t I already do this with Miracast and Airplay?”

Well, yes and no. There’s no denying that televisions and the devices around them are much, much smarter than they used to be and those two options are largely peachy as long as you’re within range or on the same network. AirCast’s draw is that you don’t actually need to be anywhere that television to get content onto it, as long as you’ve got a decent cellular connection.

The big caveat? You have to have a Roku or a Google TV box lashed to your television to make it all work. You see, each Aircast user’s TV gets a unique (but customizable) ID that they can plug into the companion iOS or Android app. Once those people have the Aircast app installed, the process of shooting video or snapping photos and sending them along to that linked television doesn’t take more than a few taps. Once the intended recipient has installed that AirCast app on their media box of choice, they get a notification that a new video has arrived for their perusal.

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Advanced Company Software's Thoughts:
Long distance airplay is finally here by the looks of it. Ever wondered what the point of airplay was when you are already in the same room with the video/music in your hand? Well so have these guys by the looks of it and they seem to have solved it. All be it on limited devices to start with. Expect to see the range expand as popularity grows.