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Working with you

You’re an expert in your own business. ACS is an expert in software development. Our 10 step systems development methodology is designed to pool and fuse that knowledge by involving you as part of our team from start to finish.

10 step systems development methodology

Three key checks and balances are built in:

  1. Cost/benefit analysis at proposal stage.
    Identifies and justifies costs up-front to ensure that each assignment is financially viable, and assess its expected payback period.
  2. Modular Scrum/Sprint approach.
    Based on Prince2 project management and lean software development techniques, the development phase in Scrum/Sprint is broken down so that individual elements of the system are created and signed-off in staged modules. ACS’ Scrum/Sprint approach replaces the traditional single sign-off process. Progress is easier to track and because components are signed-off en route, risks are minimised.
  3. Formal acceptance.
    As components of the assignment are available and tested, a formal acceptance is recorded as part of our governance process. The same applies to the system handover and support. It is your choice to sign – or not – only when you are completely satisfied with the work ACS has delivered.

Support options

Customers can support the new development in-house, outsource support to ACS or take a blended approach where specific skills are required, for example.

Where ACS supports the development, personnel from the development team will be involved for inside knowledge, swift response and peace of mind. Standard 8x5 telephone support, call tracking and escalation procedures can be tailored and/or upgraded to suit the development in question and your business’ operations. Your IT personnel can also access our support systems to log and monitor calls, and reporting is provided at your convenience.

A blended support arrangement can prove highly cost effective compared to recruitment where a certain technical skill is needed infrequently or in small volume, for example.

We’ll discuss and cost support options with you well before system handover to put the most effective arrangements in place.